Chill like a pro: A blueprint for your Valaris ownership experience

Chill like a pro: A blueprint for your Valaris ownership experience

You just hit “Add to Cart” on a Valaris from Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs by Master Spas and completed the checkout process. It’s only been a couple minutes since you read that confirmation and already the anticipation is building. We wouldn’t blame you if you’re caught daydreaming about the benefits that come with owning a contrast therapy tub. From skipping those late-night ice runs to enjoying the relaxing yet refreshing combo of a hot tub and a cold tub, the excitement is palpable.

But, hey, we get it—it's not just about the perks. You might be wondering about the practicalities, like where to place your Valaris, the electrical requirements, and the ins and outs of water maintenance. 

You shouldn’t let the details overwhelm you, though. Whether it's prepping your space or understanding the essentials, these tips are your guide to ensuring a chill transition from the moment you hit that purchase button to incorporating contrast therapy into your recovery routine.

Valaris delivery tips

Preparing for delivery

You want the setup process of your new Valaris to be as smooth as your switch from hot to cold (and cold to hot) with the contrast therapy tub.

It typically takes about four weeks from checking out to delivery day, which gives you time to transform your space into a place for recovery and rejuvenation.

Select a location

Your future contrast therapy tub, weighing in at around 3,800 pounds when filled, deserves a solid foundation. Opt for a flat, level surface that can bear the weight — think concrete patios, garages, or similar spaces. Eyeing that deck for your Valaris? Ensure it's reinforced to handle the load and keep the chill vibes intact.

Set-up delivery

Your Valaris will be shipped via freight LTL. You can sign up for email updates about your order, in addition to scheduling a delivery time. The freight company will provide a convenient delivery window that works for your schedule.  

And just a head’s up: The delivery team will also request videos and photos of the delivery site so they can be prepared.

Plan for power

The Valaris contrast therapy tub requires a 240V/50-amp GFCI connection. Master Spas recommends that you work with a licensed electrician to hook-up the electrical to your Valaris.

Consider scheduling your electrician to arrive the day after delivery, as the chiller needs 24 hours to rest before set up.

When your Valaris is wired correctly, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of contrast therapy safely.

Valaris delivery

What to expect on delivery day

You want to chill like the GOAT and enjoy the delivery of your Valaris contrast therapy tub. 

On delivery day, you will receive white glove delivery service, which ensures a seamless transition from the Master Spas factory to your home.

A two-man team will arrive at your doorstep, based on an agreed-upon appointment time. These professionals are equipped to handle the heavy lifting and will maneuver the tub into place, as long as it remains on a single level. A minor step or two? No problem—they'll work their magic, ensuring minimal disruption to your space.

Keep in mind, should your delivery require more than the standard two-man effort, you will be responsible for any additional fees charged by the freight company.

Once your Valaris is in its designated spot, the delivery team takes care of the details. They'll expertly unpack the product. Once unboxed, your licensed electrician will be able to hook up the electrical for your Valaris.

Valaris delivery tips

Starting up your Valaris

Sometimes you just need to chill, the cold tub’s chiller is no exception. Once your Valaris has arrived, you’ll need to wait 24 hours after delivery to begin the start-up process. 

Waiting? Really? 


The chiller might shift during transport and delivery, and it’s important for the chiller to settle before filling the Valaris with water. 

The start-up process is outlined in our quick start guide. Just download the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions. 

But here’s the rundown: Fill with water, turn on power to prime the cold tub pump. Briefly turn off the Valaris before powering up and priming the hot tub pumps. Once water is flowing through the jets on both sides, you can test the water, add chemicals, and connect to the SmartLife App.  

cold tub chemicals

Water care tips for your contrast therapy tub

Understanding how to maintain your contrast therapy tub is essential for both your well-being and the longevity of your tub.

Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs have a UV light and filtration system that help keep the water clean and clear for soaking. The cold tub side of your Valaris will require minimal chemicals as it’s harder for bacteria and other organics to grow in cold water. 

Start with freshwater

Before you even dip your toes, kick off your water care routine by filling the tub with fresh, clean water. Be sure to use the pre-filter that comes in your cold tub start-up kit.

Care for both sides individually

The Valaris is a contrast therapy tub, which means you can enjoy the greatest in cold water and hot tub therapy. 

But cold water and hot water have different maintenance requirements. Cold water requires fewer chemicals because bacteria and other organisms aren’t fans of the chilly temps. You can’t skip out on balancing the water, though —your cold tub will still need small amounts of chlorine and pH balance.

On the hot tub side, which holds 145 gallons of water, you’ll want to make sure that the alkalinity and pH are in range and then add a small amount of chlorine a few times a week. 

Be sure to test and treat each side on its own as the water can have different chemical readings. 

Cover up

Don't forget to use the cover when your tub is not in use. Not only does it help maintain the water temperature and save energy, but it also keeps out debris, helping maintain the water quality. It's like a protective blanket for your cold tub.

Maintain the filters

The filters are pretty key when it comes to maintaining the water of your Chilly GOAT. You should rinse your filters once a week and give them a deep clean once a month. However, just keep an eye on the filters as the more you hop in the Valaris, the more you might need to check on those filters.

Drain and refill

Think of this as giving your tub a little breather. Consider draining and refilling your Chilly GOAT Cold Tub every few months, depending on usage. Fresh water means a fresh start for your relaxation sessions.

Get to know the manual

As a new owner, it’s important to understand the safety guidelines and how to operate your Chilly GOAT. Your owner’s manual will have information specific to your model, including routine water care and how to troubleshoot common issues. 

There is also a Chilly GOAT YouTube channel with a library of how-to videos and helpful hints for cold tub owners. You can learn how to fill your cold tub or balance the chemicals for the first time. 

As you prepare to enjoy the benefits of contrast water therapy with your newly purchased Valaris from Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT, it's clear that the path from 'Add to Cart' to the greatest in recovery is paved with excitement, anticipation, and a touch of practicality. These tips will help you feel prepared while you await the delivery of your Valaris.

contrast therapy tub

The greatest in contrast therapy

Having a Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tub allows you to realize the impact of cold water. Enjoy clean, clear, cold water on demand.  You can click here to find out more about the benefits of incorporating a Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT cold tub into your routine.