How to Control Your Chilly GOAT Tub with the Smart Life App

Own a Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tub? Now, managing your cold tub's temperature is easier than ever with the Smart Life app. Adjust the water temperature and control the heat pump with just a few taps on your smartphone.

In our how to video, you can learn how to connect your Chilly GOAT Cold Tub to the Smart Life app and how to make the most of this connectivity.

Smart connectivity: Your Chilly GOAT Cold Tub is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing seamless integration with the Smart Life app. Be sure that you have a solid 2.4 GHZ connection to ensure that you are able to monitor and manage your cold tub.

Simple setup: Getting started is a chill process. Download the Smart Life app from the Google Play or Apple app stores and create an account. Pairing your cold tub with the app is a straightforward process, but it must be done within the first 10 minutes of turning on your chiller. The chiller will display "NET" during this time.

While pairing, be patient, as it might take a few attempts depending on your Wi-Fi signal strength. If needed, retry the pairing process or consider enhancing your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal in the cold tub area for an optimal connection.

Step-by-step guidance: The Smart Life app provides step-by-step guidance on adding your "Pool Heat Pump" to ensure a smooth connection.