How to start up your Valaris

Get ready to go cold, live bold, and experience the incredible benefits of contrast therapy with a Valaris contrast therapy tub.  Incorporating contrast therapy into your post-workout routine can reduce muscle soreness, reduce inflammation, and promote recovery.

In this video, we'll walk you through the process to set up your Valaris contrast therapy tub.

Work with a licensed electrician: Your Valaris contrast therapy tub requires a 220V/50-amp connection. You will need to work with a licensed electrician to wire your Valaris beginning the start-up process.

Check the connections: Ensure that the unions are secure and the slice valves are in the up and open position.

Fill your Valaris: Attach the pre-filter that comes in your start-up kit to a garden hose. A pre-filter helps remove any heavy metals or suspended solids in your source water.

Turn on the hose and fill each side of the Valaris to the minimum fill line.

Connect the condensation line: Condensation is normal. Be sure to connect the provided hose to route the condensation away from your contrast therapy tub.

Check the water flow: Place your hand in front of the dual flow jets on the cold tub side to ensure that you have a strong flow of water. On the hot tub side, put your hand in front of the circulation pump discharge.

Check out your owner’s manual for more information.