The Chilly GOAT Story

The lifelong ice bath routine and collaborative partnership that produced a groundbreaking recovery product.

Together, Michael Phelps and Master Spas developed a cold water tub that allows you to realize the benefits of cold water therapy in your home.

An icy start

Michael Phelps did not start out as an advocate for cold water immersion. In fact, the first time his trainer told him to get in a tub of icy water, he said no. But he ended up getting in, lasting just 10 to 15 seconds.

And he swore that he would never do an ice bath again.

But the next day, Phelps did get in an ice bath, which would help him perform his best as a member of the national swimming team.

“I did 5 minutes, and I’ve spent the rest of my life doing it.”

A lifelong ice bath routine

Michael Phelps is a person who thrives with a routine. Ice baths and cold showers have been a part of that.

“If something is working, I don't change it,” he says. “This helps my body feel good every single day.”

But life after retirement meant that Phelps was often taking ice baths at home, not a training center. He was making weekly trips to the store, buying bag after bag of ice, and storing it in a cooler at home. The ice would last just three baths. 

He wanted a more permanent cold water tub. But the options on the market didn’t fit his 6-foot-4 frame or his lifestyle.

A collaborative partnership: Building the best cold water tub

Master Spas and Michael Phelps first teamed up in 2010. Phelps was a household name after winning eight gold medals in Beijing. And Master Spas wanted to make swimming more accessible to households in the United States and around the world.

Through this partnership, Master Spas developed a range of swim spas that catered to both performance training and family fun. 

With confidence in Master Spas' ability to innovate, Phelps approached the company with an idea for a cold tub. He knew that the company could create something that not only met his needs but also the needs of others seeking to be the best versions of themselves.

Master Spas accepted the challenge and used Phelps' input and experience to create the Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tub by Master Spas. The tub was designed with the ultimate recovery experience in mind.

Phelps says, “I don’t know if I could have drawn up a more ideal tub.”