A Chilly GOAT cold tub event with Alpine Cold Tubs placed around and participants trying the tubs

Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs for your gym or facility

Elevate recovery, elevate the membership experience.

You want great things for your business. And with the greatest in recovery, you can elevate the membership experience — for current clients and new ones.

  • Capitalizing on the growing demand for cold water therapy
  • Creating an additional income stream
  • Saving money with special pricing for multiple units

Transforming recovery

“Before the Chilly GOAT Cold Tub, we actually had a horse trough that we were using to do cold plunges. Since switching, the Chilly GOAT has been way more practical, more functional, and we've actually got a lot more members using it.”

— Seth Fife, CrossFit gym owner

The power of cold water therapy

Are you looking to set your fitness facility apart and offer your members an unparalleled wellness experience? Introducing Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs, the greatest in cold water therapy. Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs will not only elevate your gym's offerings but also improve workout recoveries and promote overall well-being for your members.

Designed by Master Spas, a global leader in hot tubs and swim spas, Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs provide:

Consistent cold water immersion: Featuring an industry-best 2.1-horsepower chiller, your members will always have cold, clear water. The chiller can easily maintain temperatures from 40 degrees to 104 degrees.

Premium construction, minimal maintenance: Built to last with easy-to-clean features, ensuring your cold tubs run flawlessly with minimal upkeep.

Incomparable customer service: Our GOAT Tech team stands ready to support you from installation to everyday use.

Recovery that attracts and retains members

With Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in your facility and your members' wellness.

Amplified recovery for members

Help your members bounce back faster and better. With Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs, you can speed up recovery times, soothe muscle soreness, and elevate each member's unique fitness journey.

Attract new members

The fitness market can be crowded. Offering amenities like cold tub therapy will set your facility apart, helping to grow your client base.

Smooth operations

Set the temperature and focus on your business, not cold tub upkeep. The advanced UV water purification system, which is free from ozone, keeps water clear and clean with minimal chemicals.

Backed by the best

Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs are manufactured by Master Spas, which has been a global leader in the hot tub and swim spa industry for more than 25 years. Master Spas is committed to quality and offers unmatched customer service. ​​Our GOAT Tech team stands ready to support you from installation to everyday use.

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Help your members become the best version of themselves

At Chilly GOAT, we understand that fitness is measured in more than reps or calories burned. It’s about the body and the mind. That's why our premium cold tubs are designed to deliver a comprehensive wellness boost that your members will see, feel, and thank you for.

Reduces inflammation

Target the root of soreness and swelling. Cold water immersion and the Chilly GOAT Cold Tub help reduce inflammation, aiding in quicker, smoother recoveries and enabling members to train consistently at their best.

Accelerates recovery

Maximize training gains with faster bounce-back times. The cold tub experience is designed to speed up recovery, increasing the turnaround time between workouts.

Delivers all-day energy boost

Start every day with a splash of energy. Regular cold water therapy has been shown to provide an all-day energy boost, empowering members to tackle their fitness goals and daily tasks.

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